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Quickfeet Soccer Academy

Quick Feet 01 897 x 355 With CDSI


The Quick Feet Soccer Academy is dedicated to teaching and developing soccer players of all ages, so that they may learn the individual skills needed to compete at the highest levels of competition. This program will provide a positive learning atmosphere that will increase self confidence while also teaching important life lessons through the game of soccer.

Quick Feet Soccer Academy was designed by Jim Toth Jr. as an outlet program for players of all ages and levels to receive the personal attention needed to develop foot skills, ball control, one vs one attacking skills and the importance of first touch.

Jim Toth Jr. has been teaching foot skills to youth and adult soccer players for many years. Coach Jim uses a unique method of breaking down even the most complex moves to make them easy for players of all ages to learn and perfect. He begins by teaching a foundation of moves with hundreds of touches on the ball providing ample repetition. After the player demonstrates the ability to perform this basic foundation of skills, Coach Jim begins to add higher technical challenges while continuing to reinforce the core skills. After time the player not only develops an arsenal of individual moves with the ball, but also increases the softness of the first touch and general comfort and control with the ball at his / her feet.




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